1. What does DV100 support?

DV100 is a fundraiser for the Drayton Valley Community Foundation. The Drayton Valley Community Foundation is celebrated 25 years giving back to the community in 2019. Individual and corporate endowment funds are created where the principle is never spent but the investment income is granted out to community groups and organizations. Grants are given to all aspects of the community including Arts & Culture, Education, Sport & Recreation and Scholarships. Since 2016 the Community Foundation granted over $750,000 to Drayton Valley and the surrounding area.

To learn more about the Drayton Valley Community Foundation go to dvcf.org

  1. What are your different routes?
  • 27KM
  • 40KM
  • 100KM
  • 160KM
  1. How much does it cost to enter?

Register before May 31st, 2022, and save on registration fees! 2023 registration will be available soon!

  • 27KM before May 31st $40, after May 31st – $60
  • 40KM before May 31st $95, after May 31st – $125
  • 100KM before May 31st $115, after May 31st – $150
  • 160KM before May 31st $130, after May 31st – $175
  1. What do you get when you enter?


  • DV100 finisher prize
  • DV100 swag
  • A chicken wrap or pulled pork sandwich after your ride
  • A very well organized event: 170+ volunteers, support vehicles, aid stations and mobile mechanics
  • A beautiful ride amongst the beauty in Brazeau and Parkland County’s
  1. What are the prizes?


  • Each category has prize money, the 100KM event is our most popular and pays out over $10,000
  • In total, our prize money/gifts is over $25,000
  • $1000 to male and female if 100KM course record is broken
  • Cyclers must be present at the awards ceremony, which takes place at 3:00 pm to win prize money, DV100 will not send prize money out after the event
  1. How many years has this been going on?
  • 2023 would have been our 12th year but due to the cancellation for our 2020 race, 2023 will be our 11th year
  • When we started in 2012 we only had about 40 riders and this year we are aiming for 500!
  1. What is the route terrain like?
  • The route is rolling terrain, there is a large hill between Lodgepole and Cynthia that has an elevation increase of approx. 140m or 500 ft. the hill goes on approx. 12KM
  • There are rest stops all along the routes that have washrooms available
  • Several trucks patrol along the routes in the event a cycler needs help, or would like a ride back to the start/finish area
  • Over 120 volunteers are along the route to direct cyclers as well as KM markers along the route
  1. What is the start time?
  • The 100, 40, and 27KM routes have a mass start at 10:00 am.
  • We encourage all racers to go to the front and riders line up behind them
  • The 160KM start time is set for 9:00 am
  1. Is there an end time?

The course will be swept by the following support vehicle at 3:30. If any riders would like to be picked up at this time they can, or they can continue on the route but there will not be any support vehicles available.

  1. Is this a race or a ride?
  • It is both!
  • We give away over $25,000 in prizes for racers, which consist of about 10-15% of the cyclers, the remaining 85-90% are riders who come out for a beautiful ride and well-organized event
  • We have tons of participant prizes that are handed out at the end of our event, including cash prizes, and cycling gear
  1. Are Tri Bikes allowed?
  • Tri bikes are allowed in our event
  • In the 40KM and 100KM tri bikes are allowed, but the cycler is not eligible for prize money nor are they allowed to draft
  • Bikes with aero bars and/or disc wheels are not allowed to draft
  • In the 160KM road bikes and tri bikes are eligible for prize money. Tri bike riders are not allowed to draft, if a rider is caught drafting there will be a 5 Minute penalty imposed on their time.
  • Any rider who is riding anything but a standard race bike is obligated to inform the race coordinator and state what type of bike you are riding on your registration form. 
  1. How old do I need to be to register?
  • Riders need to be 14+ to ride the 27KM and 16+ to ride the 40KM, 100KM and 160KM. You can register at 13/15 years of age as long as you will be 14/16 years of age by race day.
  1. Are there things to do for people who are not cycling during the event?
  • We have beer gardens set up on site for those who would like a refreshing beverage during or after the event
  • Vendor tents are set up on site as well as a food truck
  • A kids “DV 100 Mini Meter” 
  • Live music
  1. What about the DV100 Wrap Up Party?
  • DV100 Wrap Up Party takes place after the DV100 event, it is at the same location just moved inside to the Mackenzie Conference Center
  • Tickets are $65 and includes supper and live music
  • Door open at 5:30, supper is at 6:15 and the live band starts at 8:00
  • The DV100 Wrap Up Party sells out each year, so don’t wait to get your tickets!
  1. Are refunds available for riders who cannot make DV100 but have already registered?

Once registered there is no refund for entry fees associated with the race. While every effort will be taken to hold our event, if for some reason the event is canceled due to no fault of the organizing club, the participant will receive 50% of the race fees. These circumstances may include but not limited to lightning, snow, hail, wildlife closure, and other acts of nature.

  1. can i change my mind about the event that i am entered in?

Once registered there will be an opportunity to change the route length. A $20 fee will be charged for the amendment and is chargeable to each modification. Your request must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the race.

  1. What are your covid-19 protocols?

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms leading up the race, we ask that you do not attend the event. The same refund policy applies to COVID-19 symptoms as noted above.