NEW in 2019! Are you new to cycling, or not sure you can do 40KM? The 20KM route is PERFECT for you! It has all the amenities of the 40KM, 100KM and 160KM routes, but it is a fun ride geared to those who aren’t quite ready for the 40KM. All 20KM registrants will be eligible for participant prizes that will be drawn on September 7th. The cost to register in the 20KM route is $20.00! 


Enter as an individual for the 40KM Race or Ride. Register today to have a chance at winning our early bird registration prize. Register before May 31 the 40KM is $90.00, register before August 15 the 40KM is $110.00 and register up until September 7 the cost of the 40KM is $120.00.


Enter as an individual for the 100KM Race or Ride. There is an additional $1,000 in prize money for setting a new course record for both men and women. Register before May 31 the 100KM is $100.00, register before August 15 the 100KM is $120.00 and register up until September 7 the cost of the 100KM is $130.00.


Team Challenge

The 100KM Team Challenge is new this year. A minimum of five riders and maximum of eight riders, ride the entire 100KM route together and the average time is taken from the top five riders on the team and combined for a team time. Team Challenge riders are not eligible for individual prize money.

There will be a Men’s & Women’s Team Challenge. Prize money will be based on the amount of teams registered. In 2017 we gave $3,000 to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Register before August 15 and the 100KM Team Challenge costs $880.00 and register after August 15 and the cost is $930.00.



Are you up for the challenge? Do the 100KM Challenge plus go north of Cynthia, turn around and come back for added 60KM.

In the 160KM road bikes and tri bikes are eligible for prize money. Tri bike riders are not allowed to draft, if a rider is caught drafting there will be a 5 Minute penalty imposed on their time